Adrenaline in South Africa

I can surely say, that during my stay in South Africa, I overcame the fear from jumping from a height, hitting rocks, or freezing in the cold water of the canyon. I’d never say that I’d be involved in such activities. What’s more, I liked them so much that I would love to repeat them. Never say never!  Now I know that when you are on the edge you have to close your eyes, do it, and just have fun. 

Abseiling, ziplining in the canyon
Where: Garden Route, the south of South Africa,
Price: ZAR 890 (approx. 60 USD)
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Intensive three hours with lots of attractions. The trip begins with an abseiling on the rope from quite high rock. At that point, I panicked, but I managed to do it somehow with the help of the instructor. I jumped into the water after that and the real adventure began then. Rock jumping, zip lines in the middle of the huge rock walls in the canyon, and lots of swimming. To sum up, I felt like in a game where the enemies are rocks and river currents.
When I got to the last stage which was walking uphill (it wasn’t easy after such effort), I felt that I won this game and deserved a cold beer!

Ziplining – Cape Canopy Tour
Where: Hottentots Holland Reserve, one hour from Cape Town
Price: ZAR895 (approx. 65USD)
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Cape Canopy Tour is an epic mountain-top zipline experience with 13 elevated platforms and 11 slides. The longest one is 320 meters long! This attraction is located in the Hottentots Holland Reserve, only an hour from Cape Town. The views are spectacular! The activity lasts 4.5 hours (+ time to reach the meeting point) and is available for nature enthusiasts ages 5 to 75. One tip. If you don’t feel comfortable with ziplining because, for instance, you’re afraid of heights or that you would die (I had such thoughts), two well-trained instructors will help you. I did most of the zip lines just going down with one of the staff and I also enjoyed it. Video from ziplining here.

Bungee Jumping
Where: Bloukrans Bridge, Garden Route, the south of South Africa,
Price: ZAR1400 (approx. 100USD)
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Cherry on the cake. The most extreme thing I’ve ever done in my life. The Bloukrans Bridge is 216 meters high and it’s the tallest commercial bridge for bungee jumping in the world. Before I jumped, I was terrified when I was filling in the questionnaire, When I entered the bridge, my legs were shaking and finally when I saw the staff demonstrating what it looks like and doing somersaults, I felt sick. Fortunately, I had great support from my group, and the atmosphere before and after was fantastic. I couldn’t resign. I appreciated the beauty of the bridge with the ocean on one side and the mountains on the other side only when was over (and I wiped my tears of happiness). My experience on the video on my instagram.

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