Agulhas Ocean House – at the end of Africa

I went on a journey along the south coast of South Africa some time ago and along the way, I stopped for one night at Aghulas Ocean House on Cape Aghulas district. That was a real surprise because this cozy hotel charmed me so much that I decided to come back to stay there for longer. Why did I like it so much that I decided to spend two weeks in a small town at the end of Africa?

The first aspect was design. I love white spaces with accessories in shades of blue! These colours dominate in Ocean House, and the owners (I will mention them later) have perfectly combined modern style with antiques from the Far East. Each of the 5 available rooms has its own unique character and delights with tasteful accessories. There is a small garden at the foot of the hill with a braai (barbeque) area, and also a lounge overlooking both the hill and the ocean, at the guest’s disposal. What I found out nice was that in the garden some exotic birds are frequent guests. The lounge, on the other hand, was the perfect place for afternoon coffee in a relaxed area, dominated by a beautiful turquoise table.


The second aspect is the location of the hotel, right next to the ocean and the hiking trail. Also, several restaurants, a lighthouse, a marina with stingrays, pools with seawater (the so-called tidal pool), and of course the southernmost tip of Africa are only a few minutes’ drive from the hotel. You can read more about the Aghulus area and its attractions here.

Coming back to the owners. This place wouldn’t be the same without Sheryl and Allan. Always available for the guests and helpful. They are famous personalities in Cape Aghulas. There was nothing impossible for them to organize, and they knew everything about attractions and local ghosts! Thanks to them and other members of the staff, I felt at home.

Sheryl & Allan ❤️

The final aspect is the price – USD60 for a standard room with breakfast included (prices from March 2021) Great value for money!




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